Astaro IPsec VPN Client
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  • BUYING SUMMARY: Astaro ASC0025LP IPsec VPN Client simplifies setting up remote access to corporate network data for mobile or home workers. Astaro's ASC0025LP IPsec VPN Client offers secure and flexible remote access for any type of network environment with minimal administrative support.
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 Astaro IPsec VPN Client Datasheet

Astaro ASC0025LP IPsec VPN client is used for IPsec based remote access for Windows 32/64 bit systems. The ASC0025LP allows remote access to corporate network data for mobile or home workers. The IPsec client can be easily set up with minimal administrative effort, and it is equipped with security features such as strong encryption and secure authentication.
  • One-click VPN
    Users can download and install their individual VPN packages by a single mouse click from the Astaro Security Gateway UserPortal.
  • Automatic installation
    The complete client installation with all components is done within minutes - no configuration required by the user.
  • Universal access
    Astaro's VPN clients can be universally deployed for transparently accessing corporate networks from any place.
  • Broad OS support
  • Strong encryption
    Supports state-of-the-art algorithms like AES256 ensures compatibility and data privacy even through unsecured networks
  • Secure authentication
    Support of X.509 certificates in a PKI offers protection against illegal access
  • Authentication:Pre-shared Key, PKI, Smartcards, Token
  • Encryption: AES (128,192,256), DES, 3DES (112/168), Blowfish, etc.
  • Intelligent split-tunneling for optimum traffic routing
  • NAT-Traversal support
  • Client-Monitor for graphical overview of connection status
  • Works with any Astaro Security Gateway

Astaro IPsec Client Requirements
  • 128 MB RAM
  • Hard drive
  • Windows XP, Vista, or 7
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