Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security STANDARD
Annual Subscription w/ BASIC Care


    Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Standard protects your small business and its reputation against data theft, and risky websites.

    Subscription Includes:
    * Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security Standard License
          * Low Flat Monthly, Quarterly & Annual Billing Plans
          * No Renewal Hassles
          * No Minimum Quantities
    * Basic Care:
          * 8x5 Tier 1 U.S Support
          * Security Notifications

  • Availability Licenses typically issued in 4 hours

    Minimum purchase of 5 licenses for new customers, SUBSCRIPTION SOLD "PER USER"
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Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security software protect your computers, laptops and servers from viruses, spyware, spam and other web threats. It also prevent infections from USB devices, secure Wi-Fi connections, and include URL filtering to block access to risky web sites.

Equivalent to SKUs CSNN0099, CSNN0100, CSNN0101, & CSNN0102.
• Powered by Trend Micro Smart Protection Network to identify and block new and emerging threats before they impact your business
• Most updates are stored either on the local server or by Trend Micro, not on your computers to deliver protection without affecting performance or speed
• Virus scans run quietly and quickly in the background so your computers are unaffected
• Stops viruses, spyware, spam, phishing attacks, and other web threats before they can reach your business machines
• Data loss prevention stops private business information from being shared via USB drives and other attached storage devices as well as in email messages
• Multi-layer antispam for Advanced; POP3 antispam for Standard and Services
• URL filtering prevents employees from visiting inappropriate and infected websites and downloading threats
• Specifically designed for businesses with limited IT staff and resources
• Easy to install and use, no IT expertise required
• Traffic light dashboard makes security status understood at a glance and supported by easy to read security reports

*Based upon May, June 2010 results

Operating System:
Clients: Windows XP, Vista, 7
Macs*: Mac OS X Server, Snow Leopard™, Leopard™, Tiger™
Windows Servers: Server 2003 and 2008,
Storage Server 2003 and 2008, Server 2008
Foundation, Home Server, SBS 2003 and
2008, EBS 2008
Email Servers*: Exchange Server 2003, 2007,
Clients: Intel Pentium x86 or compatible; x64:
AMD64, Intel EM64T (clock speed varies
depending on OS)
Macs*: PowerPC™ or Intel™ core
Security Server: Conventional scan mode:
Intel™ Pentium™ 4 or higher; Smart
Scan mode: Intel Core 2 Duo™ or higher
Email Server*: 1GHz Intel Pentium x86 or
compatible; 1GHz x64 (AMD64, Intel EM64T)

Clients: 256MB; 512MB recommended
Macs*: 256MB
Security Server:
   • Smart Scan mode: 1GB; 2GB recommended
   • Conventional mode (x86): 512MB; 1GB recommended
   • x64 (Smart and Conventional): 1GB; 2GB recommended
   • Windows EBS 2008 or SBS 2008 (Smart and Conventional): 4GB
Email Server*: 1GB
Disk Space (8.05 GB total):
Clients: 500MB
Macs*: 30MB
Security Server: 5GB (not including Agents)
Mac Server Plug-in: 1.5GB
Email Server*: 1.5GB

*Advanced edition only

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