Web Security

Purpose: Actively manage your networks web traffic. Passing through multiple threat detection engines allows URL web filtering to be more effective and up to date.

  • Web threat detection engine
  • Ability to filter keywords
  • Internet use policy enforcement
  • Website reputation advising
  • Filtering based on DNS or IP
  • Inappropriate websites being browsed
  • Downloading dangerous viruses
  • Web service use during non-working hours

Hosted Services
Hosted Web security is an easy to use cost effective solution that provides enterprise class protection for your web communications and servers. Hosted Solutions are based off-site, protecting your business from the latest threats without the need to install software or hardware onsite. 
Appliance & VM
Integrated content filtering appliances or virtual appliances allow you to enforce Internet usage policies by blocking access to Web sites and Internet applications that are not related to business. Not only are the solutions easy to use, but they can be easily upgraded or duplicated for use in another location.
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