Managed Firewall Services

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In a Dangerous World Can You Protect Yourself?
Many employees spend most of their day accessing the Internet, sending and receiving emails, and accessing cloud based applications. The Internet and emails both frequently contain malicious Web links that harbor malicious code, allowing others to access your data. Firewalls are the first line of defense against these threats.

Managed Firewall Services
A properly set up firewall can provide amazing security. Using a security expert to define policies, set it up and maintain it is a must. eSecurity Solutions is there to help you define secure policies, and then configure, monitor and maintan your firewall so that it remains secure even as your company changes.

Our Managed Services Include:

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We provide scalable solutions that fit small, medium, and enterprise businesses. Additionally, we offer flexible pricing models that include annual, quarterly, and monthly options. Contact us to learn more.

eSecurity Solutions quickly defined policies, configured our firewalls and deployed them to multiple locations for our company. All the complications that normally go with multi-office deployments were alleviated by relying on eSecurity Solutions. We know we can rely on them, as we add more offices to manage the entire infrastructure and keep it secure.
-Lindsay Rando, Co-Owner of Bobbles & Lace

Managed Services Offerings

Managed Authentication Security Services Managed Authentication Security Services: We can help connect the dots between your regulations or security objectives and the methods needed to accomplish them.
Managed Email Security Services Managed Email Security Services: We work with you to define best practice policies, then implement, monitor 24x7 and maintain your email security
Managed Employee Monitoring Services Managed Employee Monitoring Services: We can work with you to define best practice policies, then implement, maintain, and monitor all your employee activity.
Managed Endpoint Security Services Managed Endpoint Security Services: Wrap expert eSecurity Solutions Managed Endpoint Security Services around award winning SaaS and on-premise Endpoint security solutions, and you have the best possible security.
Managed Intrusion Detection Services Managed Intrusion Detection Services: eSecurity Solutions Intrusion Detection Managed Services utilizes an intrusion detection, prevention, & vulnerability scanning system along with a 24x7 Security Network Security Operation Team to expose potentially dangerous events in real time, preventing serious damage to your organization's business and improving your overall defense.
Managed PCI Compliance Services Managed PCI Compliance Services: Let eSecurity Solutions help you navigate through the maze of PCI Certification. If you accept payment using credit cards, you need to be certified and we can help.
Security Information & Event Management Security Information & Event Management: Let eSecurity Solutions manage and review your log data using their Log Management system that collects, compresses, and consolidates log data to a certified secure data center along with the Log Review system, which virtually eliminates the need for processes and personnel to satisfy PCI-DSS daily log review requirements.
Managed Vulnerability Scanning Services Managed Vulnerability Scanning Services: It is vital for your organization to ensure the safety and privacy of your information. eSecurity Solutions provides Managed Vulnerability Scanning Services to ensure that your company is as secure as possible.
Managed Web Application Security Services Managed Web Application Security Services: We can help you protect your web applications and sites with proven technology and expert staff without the difficulties usually experienced with web application firewalls.
Managed Web Security Services Managed Web Security Services: The Web is the #1 threat vector. Wrap expert eSecurity Solutions Managed Email Security Services around McAfee's award winning SaaS Web security solutions, and you have the best possible security with complete peace of mind.

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