Mobile Security

Mobile Security is more important than ever. Cell phones and PDAs have merged into smart phones that allow mobile e-mail, Internet and even corporate network access, as well as the ability in some models to work on spreadsheets. Copying company data onto USBs and other removable media has never been easier. Critical enterprise information is leaking onto mobile devices whose risk of loss or theft is much higher than it is for PCs at the office.

To protect against Mobile data loss and theft, look to Trend Micro, Sophos, Kaspersky's mobile security solutions. These solutions will protect your mobile devices and secure your data.

Trend Micro Mobile Security
Trend Micro Mobile Security

• Centralized, Single-Console Management
• Software and Application Inventory
• Access Provisioning
• Broad Platform Support
• Data Protection
• Device Security

Sophos Mobile Control
Sophos Mobile Control

• Centralized, Consistent Policies
• Controls Worker Mobile Access
• Remotely Lock & Wipe Devices
• Simple Self-Service Portal
• Application Control

Kaspersky Security for Mobile
Kaspersky Security for Mobile

• Simple Configuration
• Compliance/policy enforcement
• Encryption
• Anti-theft
• Mobile anti-malware
• Remote-wipe for devices


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