LogRhythm Security Intelligence Platform
LogRhythm uniquely combines enterprise-class SIEM, Log Management, File Integrity Monitoring and Machine Analytics, with Host and Network Forensics, in a unified Security Intelligence Platform. The LogRhythm solution provides profound visibility into threats and risks to which organizations are otherwise blind. Designed to help prevent breaches before they happen.
Appliance Options:

LogRhythm XM
All-In-One (XM)
LogRhythm XM appliances provide all the capabilities of the EM and LM appliance. An XM appliance can be combined with additional LM appliances to increase the overall capacity and performance of a LogRhythm deployment. Every XM appliance comes with an embedded AI Engine License.

LogRhythm EM
Event Manager (EM)
LogRhythm EM appliances provide centralized event management and administration for a LogRhythm deployment. Each LogRhythm deployment has a single LogRhythm Event Manager, with an embedded Advanced Intelligence (AI) Engine License.

LogRhythm LM
Log Manager (LM)
LogRhythm LM appliances provide high performance, distributed and redundant log collection and management. Log managers scale incrementally and can be configured to failover. Each LogRhythm deployment has at least one Log Manager.

LogRhythm AIE
AI Engine (AIE)
LogRhythm AIE appliances deliver high-capacity, automated correlation and behavioral analysis of all data in real-time, delivering immediate visibility to threats and critical issues that would otherwise go undetected.

LogRhythm SLF
Site Log Forwarder (SLF)
LogRhythm's optional SLF appliances collect all log, flow and machine data for secure transport from remote locations to LogRhythm LMs. SLFs additionally manage bandwidth consumption via collection scheduling and/or compression of transmitted data.

LogRhythm NM
Network Monitor (NM)
LogRhythm NM appliances provide full visibility into network traffic, identifying applications via deep packet inspection, providing real-time unstructured search access to all metadata and packet captures, as well as optionally forwarding layer 7 flow data to the SIEM and other integrated solutions for further analysis.
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