Access Control solutions enable a business to control access to a network or provide users with secure access to confidential company resources. This will prevent the corporation from unauthorized access and loss of intellectual property. Access Control solutions will block the system from vulnerabilities by enforcing update and patch levels. Be in control and have the power to define who is allowed access to your network.

eSecurity Solutions' managed multi-factor authentication solution is managed from our secure cloud. As a result, it is quick to deploy, does not require on-premise resources and complicated implementation, and can easily be scaled. Let us help you define what systems, applications and networks need more access control and we can managed all aspects of your authentication infrastructure, making your business compliant and more secure.

An authentication factor is the information and process used to authenticate or verify the identity of a person requesting access to confidential resources within an organization. Two-Factor Authentication can provide you with instant secure access. It allows organizations to access company servers or email by using just a password.

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