Backup & Continuity

Business Continuity is about building and improving resilience in your business. It enables a business to continue offering critical services in the event of disruption and survive a disastrous interruption to information systems.

  • Backup & Recovery: Onsite/Offsite Data, Systems, Archiving
  • Redundancy of Systems, Security, Operational Systems
  • Ensure System Uptime and ability to Resume Operations
  • Ensure System Integrity
  • Monitoring, Reporting, Legal & Regulatory Compliance
  • Inability to maintain Critical customer services
  • Damage to Market Share, Image, Reputation or Brand
  • Failure to protect company assets (incl. IP, Personnel)
  • Failure to Meet Legal & Regulatory Requirements

eSecurity Solutions Managed Data Disaster Recovery Services
eSecurity Solutions provides you with the most complete turnkey solution to your disaster recovery needs. Depending on your needs, choose from virtual or physical systems along with data onsite / offsite backup and instant recovery. eSecurity Solutions will handle the complete process from policy creation to installation, testing, maintenance and reporting.
Backup & Recovery
Protect your business from disasters and failures with Barracuda, Unitrends, StorServer, and Veeam hardware / software Data & System Data Backup solutions. The wide range of choices provides you with the flexibility in choosing the solution that will prevent against data loss and reduce downtime for your company.
Barracuda Load Balancing
Load Balancing solutions manage network and application traffic across your network. These appliances manage and distribute network traffic between multiple servers. Load balancing solutions offered by Barracuda ensure that your network distributes it’s resources in the most efficient way.

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