Unless you lock it in a vault with no access to the Web, email, employees, remote workers, customers and mobile devices your company is at risk of lost, stolen or corrupt data. Along with those risks, comes the negative public exposure due to compliance regulations, fines, lost customers and productivity. By deploying a multi-layer approach to data security with appropriate security controls where data is stored, in-transit, or used, your company can mitigate risks and ensure that your company's data stays secured.

Data Loss Prevention
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions proide the widest coverage, highest performance, and best deployment flexibility. Non-intrusive monitoring techniques and enforcement software help detect and prevent data loss at each endpoint.
Encryption Suites
Database Security is a growing concern evidenced by an increase in the number of reported incidents of loss and unauthorized exposure to sensitive data. eSecurityToGo offers multiple database security products to help protect your databases.
USB Encrypted Storage
MXI, Kingston, Ironkey, Data Locker, McAfee, and Apricorn are the leaders in secure, portable storage. Hardware-encrypted flash drives and online protection services are ideal for companies who want to secure their endpoints and protect their data. Affordable, fast, and secure, these hardware encrypted devices are the ultimate safeguard for your most critical assets.
Hardware Security Modules
SafeNet's Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) is the highest performing, most secure Application and Transaction Security Solution. It provides protection for transactions, identities, and applications by securing cryptographic keys and provisioning encryption, decryption, authentication, and digital signing services for a wide range of applications.
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