Astaro ASG 120 - Web Application Security Subscription - 1 Year NEW Subscription

    Web Application Security Subscription, incl. Standard Support - new subscription
  • Astaro Web Application Security Subscription* 
    Features Web Application Firewall, URL Hardening, Cookie Signing, Antivirus for Web Servers Advanced Networking, Remote Authentication, Remote Logging, Advanced Reporting and HA
    *available for ASG version 8 only
  • Astaro Standard Support 
    Included with every Network, Web or Mail Security subscription purchased. Standard support offers a 24 hour 'bring in' hardware replacement, automatic software updates as well as technical 10x5 support via Astaro partners.
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No International Orders Accepted
Upgrade Info for Astaro Hardware
Upgrading a license to the next user level or enabling clustering is free of charge and can be done by customers/partners in MyAstaro.
Conversion is fully automatic, no separate order is needed.
Remaining months of active subscriptions will be automatically reduced by the same factor of user/cluster node upgrade.

Upgrading a 25 user license with remaining mail subscription of 6 months will result in a 50 user license with remaining 3 months of mail subscription.
Upgrading a 10 user license to a 25 user license will reduce all remaining subscription terms by factor 2.5.
Enabling clustering on a unit with remaining mail subscription of 6 months will result in a 2-node cluster with remaining 3 months of mail subscription for both nodes.
Upgrading this license from 2 to 3 cluster nodes will result in 2 months of mail subscription for all 3 nodes.

Cluster Licenses can be upgraded with regular License Upgrade keys.
Renewal duration will be automatically and evenly distributed among all cluster nodes.
Adding a 1 year mail renewal to a 3-node cluster license results in a total license extension of "4 months mail subscription" per node.

Cluster Licenses need only to be applied to the master node. All Astaro products in an organization must be on the same level of support or maintenance. Astaro technical support can be contacted through MyAstaro at:
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