Sophos UTM 25 Users Software Firewall Web Server Protection
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  • BUYING SUMMARY: Sophos Web Server Protection subscription includes standard support.

    Web Server Protection: Attackers can easily take advantage of your web server's weaknesses to steal data, obtain unauthorized access and infect systems. They simply have to do something the web server doesn't expect. Manually protecting the web server against these threats requires specialized expertise.

    Sophos Web Server Protection eliminates this need. It uses a reverse proxy to protect your web server and applications against the unknown.
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Web Server Protection:

  • Web Application Firewall
    Hackers can use a number of attack methods to silently test your site and applications for security holes. Our Web Application Firewall keeps hackers at bay by scanning their activity and identifying probes and attacks.
  • Antivirus Scanning
    Our dual scanning engines operate in parallel at the network gateway, scanning all traffic to and from your web servers. Visitors are unable to upload infected content, and your servers are protected from exploits. Making sure they don't hand out malicious files and infected content to your customers.
  • Form Hardening
    We inspect and validate the information submitted by visitors via forms on your websites. This stops users from submitting invalid data that can damage or exploit your server.
  • URL Hardening
    When your web server tries to interpret a crafted URL, it can create a hole that can be used to obtain access to your server. Our URL Hardening technology enforces the requests that a visitor is allowed to make, restricting them to valid ones only.
  • Cookie Protection
    Hackers can exploit cookies and put your website visitors at risk. Our Cookie Protection ensures that the cookies given to visitors by your web servers have not been tampered with. Each cookie is digitally signed so the integrity of the information can be verified.
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