Sophos UTM 500 Users Software Firewall Web Protection
5 Year RENEWAL Subscription

  • BUYING SUMMARY: Sophos Web Protection subscription includes standard support.

    Web Protection: The web can threaten productivity and introduce malware to your network. Sophos Web Protection prevents malware infections and gives you control over employees' web use. Spyware and viruses are stopped before they can enter the network.
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Web Protection:

  • Application Control
    We help you control the applications that could cause security or legal problems, like P2P or instant messaging. And you get a handle on the unwanted applications that clog your network.
  • URL Filtering
    Control which websites your employees can access. Protect the network and boost productivity. Block and allow an entire category of websites or a single URL.
  • Anti-Virus / Anti-Spyware
    A variety of web threats put your network at risk. Our antivirus scanning and spyware filtering stop malicious content before it enters the network.
  • HTTPS Scanning
    Malware and other threats can hide in the encrypted traffic from trusted web sites. Our HTTPS Scanner lets you see this traffic and block malicious content.
  • Interactive Web and User Reporting
    We give you the information you need, clearly and simply. Understand how your employees are using the web and how to improve your network protection.
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